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Sun opposite Uranus

Finding a balance

Kelli Fox

You need a lot of freedom, especially in a romantic relationship. You may have a string of short-lived affairs behind you, because as soon as things get too cozy and routine, you find an excuse to bolt. That's okay when you're just dating around and trying out different types of relationships, but what about when you get serious about the dating game?

Stability is almost a dirty word to you, and yet, on some level, you crave it. You're actually afraid of commitment, because deep down, you fear that it will inhibit your ability to be fully and truly yourself. In looking for love, that fear is going to make your task harder, that's for sure; but the rewards will be all the sweeter when you find that special someone who can give you the space you need to be yourself, and more importantly, when you grow enough within your own soul to recognize that intimacy doesn't have to equal restriction. In fact, intimacy with another soul should be an expansive experience; a freeing one. But in the meantime, your dates may find you aloof or unreliable, and you'll have to struggle to reach the balance between independence and reaching out to someone else.

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