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Sun opposite South Node

Eyes on the prize

Kelli Fox

You're interested in forward progress, in moving into the future with open eyes and an open heart. You're not as likely as some to get stuck in a relationship that goes nowhere, or to drop all your goals in favor of supporting your lover's. Have you ever had a friend who was only around and available to hang out when they were single?

Once they got involved in a love affair, it was as if they disappeared into thin air; they immersed themselves into their lover's life -- their lover's schedule, their lover's friends, their lover's interests and so on. That's not your style, however. No matter who you're involved with or what new interests they turn you on to, you still maintain your identity, and your goals. You always know where you're going, and that's a real blessing to a love affair. Sometimes it might make it hard -- when you're resolute about your direction in life and your next step forward, but your lover wants you to head someplace else with them -- but in the long run, you'll be glad for your commitment to yourself and your own destiny. And when you find someone whose goals match well with your own, that's when you'll know you've got a keeper.

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