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Sun opposite Saturn

Bearing a heavy burden

Kelli Fox

Finding lasting love may be difficult because you feel like the structure of your life won't allow it. You just have so many responsibilities, at work and at home; you may feel like you work really hard for not much gain. You may truly be working under adverse conditions; taking care of your family can sometimes be a tough job, for example, as can the long, slow process of working your way up the ladder in your field, trying to reach success.

But part of your problem with reaching success lies in your innate dislike and distrust of authority figures. You really don't like being told what to do or how to do it, so you may have slowed down your own career path by being needlessly confrontational with higher-ups. These pressures in themselves can negatively affect your love life; if you're putting all your energy into taking care of things at home or trying to get ahead at work, you don't have much left over for dating. But you also may come across to your dates as reserved, aloof or even unfriendly. Your need to always be right can also turn off that special someone before they get to know your better qualities.

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