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Sun opposite North Node

Push forward to something new

Kelli Fox

The kinds of lovers that you're most attracted to are often not the kind of people who will help you grow and progress as a human being. We all have certain lessons we're meant to learn in our time here on earth, and though you're a seeker, trying to find your way along your path, it's likely that you're not sure of what your life lessons are. You tend to get stuck in the past instead of being a self-aware, forward-focused person.

You might not even realize it, but you repeat the same relationship mistakes again and again, forming a pattern that it's difficult to break out of. Take a look back at your love life, at the more significant relationships you've been involved in. Can you recognize a pattern -- ways that your lovers have treated you, ways you've interacted with them, or a similarity among them that speaks to a 'type' that you're attracted to? You may even have a string of happy, comfortable relationships under your belt, but they were comfortable because in each of them, you were working out old, familiar patterns all over again. Your challenge now is to push forward into a new way of interacting with a lover.

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