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Sun opposite Jupiter

Overdoing things

Kelli Fox

Your friends and admirers love to be around you because of your bright, expansive energy, your endless optimism and generosity. But you're a complex mix of attributes. On the one hand, you embody all those qualities for which you're best-loved; on the other hand, you might not realize how loved you are, and so you'll play up your generosity, your energy, your optimism, to an overblown degree.

You'll try to impress that special someone by paying for round after round of drinks, getting a little too loud and jolly, and so on. Your impulses are coming from a good place -- you want to be well-liked, and you want your friends and lovers to have a good time when they're with you -- but you don't have to try so hard! They'll still like you even if you tone it down a bit. And if they don't, then they weren't good for you in the first place. Your excessiveness can also affect your love life in your view of your sweetie. You may swing between extremes in how you see them: One minute they're up on a pedestal, the most amazing person you've ever met; and the next, they've disappointed you terribly. Some moderation would make life more enjoyable for you!

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