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Sun opposite Juno

Change your tune

Kelli Fox

When you're involved with someone special, no matter how well the affair might be going, you're still conscious in the back of your mind of the potential for failure. When you think of two people trying to make a life together, all you can see are the difficulties -- the impossible compromises that have to be made for two people to be able to blend their lives, work as a team and create happiness. At least, it looks impossible from the outside; and you've mostly been on the outside of that equation, no matter how many times you've gotten close or thought you've found the real thing.

If you ever wonder why your love affairs never seem to work out the way you want them to, take a look at your own attitudes about love. It's likely that you're getting in your own way, declaring a relationship a failure before you've really put in any time or effort to see if it could be something worth fighting for. If you really want to find a love that lasts, you're going to have to change your tune. Deep down, you're worried that true love will somehow inhibit your independence. But once you do give love a chance, you'll probably find that it's a freeing experience, not a hindrance.

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