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Sun in Virgo

A shy, selfless lover

Kelli Fox

Your standards are high when it comes to love, and you won't fall for just anyone's charms. In fact, usually, it takes a lot to win your heart. You're rather discriminating, holding back until you're sure about whom, exactly, you're getting involved with.

And again, you've got high standards. If a potential sweetie fails to live up to them, you'd rather let the relationship go than settle for less than you desire or deserve. You're attracted to refined types; someone crass or tactless would really put you on edge. You tend to be clean, punctual and loyal, and you expect those qualities in a lover. But while this may win you the reputation of being a bit exacting and critical, even rigid, once you fall in love, you give everything to the relationship and then some. Yes, you still might be a bit critical of your lover, but you hold yourself to the same standards -- and it's all in the name of seeking the perfection that means so much to you. Your challenge in love is to realize that perfection is impossible. At some point, you're going to have to settle for good enough. But you're a loyal and selfless lover, and when you're comfortable with an intimate partner, you can really relax.

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