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Sun in Taurus

A sensual lover

Kelli Fox

You're quite a sensual beast, and an affectionate and generous one with the people that you love and trust. After all, you're not indiscriminately generous, but when you know someone truly needs or deserves it, you can be incredibly indulgent. In love, you go all-out to make sure that your sweetie feels pampered and adored.

You love to cook for your honey and give them foot rubs, back massages, tasty little sweet treats -- anything to indulge their senses. They're attracted to you for this mile-wide sensual streak; you're a lot of fun both in the kitchen and in the bedroom! And you're rather set in your ways, so you're made for commitment. Once you fall in love, you're in it for the long haul, and you're both strong and practical enough to realize that every relationship will hit some bumps along the road. You're fine with that; so fine, in fact, that you might end up staying in a relationship past its expiration date, purely because you really don't like change -- even good, beneficial change. You're better at perseverance than initiative, so you'll work best with a partner who can provide the energetic boost to the relationship, but lean on you for comfort and support.

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