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Sun in Sagittarius

A carefree, expansive lover

Kelli Fox

For you, intimate relationships are all about having a good time and a great adventure with someone as exciting as you are. Grass doesn't tend to grow beneath your feet; you have a bit of wanderlust within you -- and what's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing, as long as you take care not to lead your sweetie on or make any promises that you can't keep.

But you're not one to lead others on; you're nothing if not fair-minded. You have high standards in love as well as in life, and you can't stand mistreating or hurting other people. On the other hand, you can be a bit tactless, and might stick your foot in your mouth without realizing it -- and then feel baffled when your sweetie's feelings are suddenly hurt for some reason that's completely off your radar screen. You're more into independence and adventure than you are togetherness, mutual dependency or relationship stability, and for this reason, you may take quite a long time before you settle down with one special person. You like to have your options open, and you need to make sure that your chosen partner will give you all the freedom and independence that you need before you're willing to commit.

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