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Sun in Pisces

An intuitive lover

Kelli Fox

You have the soul of a poet; you're a dreamer, and you give new meaning to the concept of romance. You're a feeler much more than a thinker, and in love, you bond at a deep, emotional level with your sweetie. You're incredibly idealistic about love, human nature and the world in general, which can get you into trouble from time to time, whenever reality intrudes through your sweet, rose-colored haze and dispels your pretty dreams and illusions!

Clearly, this can be a bit disillusioning or even heartbreaking at times; good thing, then, that you're so good at conjuring your fantasies and living at length in that world. You tend to nurture your lovers emotionally; in fact, you might even have a bit of a savior complex. You're continually drawn to 'broken wing' types, people with wounded souls that call out to you and play on your nurturing instincts. Watch out that you don't get romantically involved with a lover purely out of an urge to nurture and heal them. The deeper the hurt goes, the less likely it is that you can have a positive, lasting effect on your psyche, and you have to guard against letting your own emotional resources be drained completely.

Sun in Pisces in the Natal Chart

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  1. Meredith on June 6, 2016 at 4:15 am

    Thank you. Exactly me?

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