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Sun in Gemini

A fun, flirty lover

Kelli Fox

In love, you're looking for a good time. Now, that's not to say that you can't get serious; it's that you'll only get serious about someone who makes you laugh, someone who knows how to let loose and have fun. Oh, and someone who's witty and intelligent, who can stimulate your mind first and -- if they're lucky!

-- your body later. You really respond to keen intelligence and a sharp sense of humor; for you, those qualities are more important than, say, a great face or figure. You get restless easily, and you not only need someone who can keep up with you -- or, better yet, who can lead the way from one adventure to the next -- you also need someone who can keep you interested long enough to get intimate! Speaking of which, emotional intimacy can be a dicey proposition for you. You tend to push people away, lightly, of course; it's all in fun, after all! People who try to get too serious too fast scare you, though you'd never show it. Instead, you just laugh, get up and walk away. The person who nabs your attention and holds it for the long term will be someone as fun-loving and whip-smart as you are, who challenges your mind.

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