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Sun in Capricorn

A loyal, hardworking lover

Kelli Fox

You're as serious about love as you are about the rest of your life, and that's serious! You don't like to date around casually; you're just too practical for that. Romantic messes like love triangles or betrayal aren't for you, because you abhor chaos, messy feelings or unexpected drama.

Actually, you don't like any kind of drama at all. You like it when you know what to expect; you're a planner. Thus, your love life may follow a predictable path -- from seeking out an appropriate partner to dating them to getting more intimate and finally making that commitment -- but predictability is just fine with you. You return the favor, after all; you're loyal, if a bit unromantic, and you let your honey know that you're in it for the long haul. You like to take on the leadership role in your love affairs, but not in a front-and-center, spotlight kind of way; you're more into behind-the-scenes control. If you live with your sweetie, you're probably the one who's in charge of the finances, because you're both frugal and punctual about paying the bills on time. Remember that relationships are supposed to be pleasurable as well as stable; security isn't the only ideal to strive for!

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