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Sun in Cancer

A sensitive, nurturing lover

Kelli Fox

You're something of a homebody. Whether that means your physical home or your emotional one is up to you, because for you, home is really where the heart is -- which can make it difficult sometimes to meet new people, if you're always hanging out on your couch or with your same set of tried-and-true close friends! Your best venues for meeting a potential date are dinner parties, which combine the benefits of good food and time to talk; or through friends, so that your potential sweetie comes complete with good recommendations from people you trust.

You're definitely on the emotionally sensitive side, so you can get hurt easily in relationships -- even more than you might like to admit. When your feelings are hurt, you often pull into your shell rather than trying to talk things out, at least at first. You need a lover who understands you at a deep level, someone who draws you out of your shell in a tender and gentle way. Needless to say, this kind of precludes short-term, casual affairs! But once you find someone to love, you're an incredibly nurturing lover. You tend to their physical and emotional needs as best you know how, and give them your true devotion.

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