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Sun in Aries

An impulsive lover

Kelli Fox

When you fall in love, you fall hard and fast; you love hard and fast; and when you fall out, well, it's the same then too. For you, excitement is the name of the game of love, including a good argument every now and again! Mushy, sentimental stuff often makes you uncomfortable or just bores you; even a long, sensual massage will have you squirming around in no time, restless for the next step.

You're a lot more comfortable with the fast-paced, active side of things. You're very focused when it comes to going after what you want in love. You see someone you're attracted to and you make a beeline for them, brushing off any person or obstacle that pops up in your path. This kind of heady intensity can turn on just about anyone! Starting with you, of course. It's the rush of the chase that really gets you. You have a lot of energy, not the least of it sexual in nature, and you don't like to hold back when you're feeling all sparked up. The best partner for you, however, might be someone who forces you to cool down, at least a little bit. No, you don't want a lover that bores you -- that wouldn't last long at all. But neither will a love affair that burns itself out in a blaze of glory.

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