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Sun in Aquarius

An inventive lover

Kelli Fox

You're, well, you're out there! You've always got a unique perspective on things, one that probably throws other people off from time to time -- even your friends who know you well and know to expect strange opinions, views and ideas. But for a new lover, you're a revelation.

You excite your admirers precisely because you dance to your own drummer, and they never know what to expect next! The thing about you and relationships, though, is that you're much more comfortable in the early stages of things -- when everything is new and exciting, and it's all still up in the air as to where this relationship is going -- than you are with the later stages, when intimacy develops and your lover starts expecting things of you, such as, well, intimacy. You're a lot better with friends, groups and fun than you are with intense one-on-one time or emotional displays. You need a lot of independence in relationships, and you're not bound by traditional ideas when it comes to romantic bonds; you might be okay with a long-distance affair or even an open relationship. On the other hand, you're intensely loyal, and once you commit, you're in it for the long haul.

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