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Sun conjunct Venus

A natural charmer

Kelli Fox

To your friends, you're one of the most charming, attractive, sweet and affectionate people they've ever known, and your dates probably find you to be the same way. In fact, one of your biggest issues with romance may be that everyone you go out with wants to get serious! You're just so friendly, outgoing, warm and kind.

You know how to make your date feel like the most special person in the world -- and as a result, they'll look at you with stars in their eyes. Furthermore, you're naturally romance-minded; you always look for what's lovable in another person. There are a couple of cautions to be aware of here, however: first, your tendency to be a little too forgiving of others' flaws. You really want people to like you, and you can be so diplomatic and easygoing that you let your dates get away with way too much! Make sure that you don't get involved with someone who walks all over you. The second possibility to be aware of is your innate tendency toward vanity. Everyone's a little bit vain; that's natural. Just make sure that you don't focus on your own looks and charm to the point that it actually becomes a turnoff to that special someone.

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