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Sun conjunct Uranus

Doing it your own way

Kelli Fox

If you could group together all your admirers and all your exes and ask them to describe you in a word, most of them would probably say 'exciting' -- or some variation of the word, like 'radical,' 'unusual,' 'unpredictable'... Even your friends and family, the people who know and love you best, don't know what to do with you sometimes! You're your own person, that's for sure; a unique individual with your own ideas about the way to live your life.

For that reason, your love life probably hasn't followed any traditional path; you've made it work for you, just like everything else you do. Because of your exciting, unpredictable energy, you tend to fall fast and hard for unusual types, but you may also fall out of love fast. As a result, your love life goes in fits and starts; one minute you're head over heels, and the next, you just want to be alone. And that's okay; it works for you. You can be certain that, when you do finally fall for the person you're going to be with long-term, it won't be a traditional affair! Instead of dating, courtship, marriage, a house with a mortgage and 2.3 kids, you can expect only the unexpected. Whatever that may be is entirely up to you.

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