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Sun conjunct South Node

Ties to the past

Kelli Fox

If you look back over your romantic relationships, you may notice that there are common threads or themes running among them. Perhaps you've been attracted to the same type of person again and again, or your romances have ended in similar ways. If so, this is because in some way, you're stuck in the past.

This is a very karmic aspect that influences your life in such subtle ways that you might not notice its effects. And they may seem positive: You get involved with someone new, and right from the start, they feel familiar to you. You're so comfortable with them that you just slip right into a steady, long-term relationship without any trouble or angst. But while this feels wonderfully comfortable and easy, it could actually mean that you're recreating the same relationship again and again instead of moving on to a new way of relating. After all, life is more about growth than comfort. Instant familiarity with someone new isn't always a good thing, as it could mean that you're not dealing with them as the unique person they truly are. Make sure that you don't superimpose images onto your lovers from your own past.

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  1. Brian on August 12, 2018 at 12:03 am

    Someone I’ve been seeing for a while has this aspect. She has an exact conjunction with her SN to her Virgo Sun in the first house. It’s been a lovely sweet relation and I should mention my Pisces Sun is exactly conjunct her DC with NN 8 degrees away… Can anyone offer a thought to this synastry association?
    Other aspects include:
    My Pluto exactly conjunct her Sun
    Her Cancerian Moon exactly conjunct my Vertex.
    Her 8th house Aries Mars conjunct my Venus – Jupiter

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