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Sun conjunct Pluto

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Kelli Fox

Since your primary drive in life is to understand and transform yourself again and again, your love affairs are often intense and even life-changing. You seek to know yourself through all that you do, and that includes your experience of love. You may be incapable of having a simple, casual affair; you get deeply and intensely involved with your lovers, and can even grow obsessed with them.

On the positive side, this makes you an incredibly compelling lover. Your admirers feel drawn to you as a moth is drawn to flame -- inexorably, with a definite element of danger thrown into the mix! Your sexual connection with your lover can be earthshakingly powerful for you, and so for them as well; this is just one of the many strong bonds you can develop in love. But on the more negative side, your tendency toward obsession with a lover can also verge into obsession with an idea, or suspicion. If you suspect that your sweetie isn't being honest with you, you won't be able to let the idea go. Trust is one of your major issues in relationships, so it's a good thing that you're so interested in self-transformation. Focus on learning to trust and love freely.

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