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Sun conjunct North Node

Sticking to your goals

Kelli Fox

Some people have a syndrome in romance that makes them abandon all their goals and interests when they enter a new love affair. That's probably not one of your issues in love, however. You are uniquely in touch with your truest self, which is a real boon when you're involved in a romantic relationship.

You're less likely than most to toss your own interests out the window in favor of your sweetie's; you can pursue the romantic relationship, but you'll still go after your own goals as well -- the ones you had before you ever met this special person. You're also less likely than many people to stay in a relationship that isn't serving your life and your future. If you're involved with someone but you sense that the relationship is going nowhere, you're likely to say your goodbyes and move on. This is because your entire life is about moving forward into the future that is meant for you. You don't waste time stuck in the past; there's too much to experience, too much to learn and too much growth to undergo! Your zest for life is a definite draw to your admirers, who find your enthusiasm contagious and your creative energy extremely attractive.

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