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Sun conjunct Neptune

Dreamy visions of love

Kelli Fox

You're a dreamer and an idealist, and you've got a rosy ideal of the perfect love you're looking for. Poetry and creativity are important aspects of your experience of falling for someone new; for you, it's all about the sense of romance and magic that two people create together. You sense things at a deeper and sweeter level than others, and you connect intuitively with your lovers.

Of course, you have a bit of a tendency to wear rose-colored glasses, in love as well as in life; you see what you want to see, which can make things a little sticky in your dating affairs. In a sense, you're not living in the same reality that the rest of us are a part of! But the mundane, day-to-day experience of life can feel like a disappointment to you. You're constantly seeking something higher, some experience that is more profound than the ordinary. For this reason, a real-life, long-term relationship might be difficult for you to achieve, because when you deal with the same person, day in, day out -- even a person you adore -- difficulties and dull days are bound to come up. Things won't always be hearts and flowers. Good thing you're so good at creating a sense of magic!

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