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Sun conjunct Mercury

Wheels constantly turning

Kelli Fox

Your intelligence is one of the things your friends love most about you; you're a real thinker, and constantly trying to make sense of your perceptions. That quality makes you a scintillating dinner date, especially when you're comfortable with your companion. But what happens when you're out with someone new, and neither one of you is particularly comfortable?

They've got spinach in their teeth, they aren't upholding their fair share of the conversation and the wheels in your mind are turning faster than the wheels of a car. Once you decide they're dull or awkward or not mentally up to par, that's that; you're not likely to give them a second chance. But what if they were just nervous, tongue-tied and not at their best? Overanalyzing your romantic relationships can stop them in their tracks before they even get off the ground. It's possible for you to misread someone (hard to believe, but true!), and to judge them prematurely. Try to give that special someone a second chance, even if their emails or their conversational skills fall short of wowing you. Once you get to know them better, you could find them to be as sharp-witted and amazing as you'd hoped.

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