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Saturn trine Uranus

A new spin on an old tale

Kelli Fox

One of your strengths in relationships is that you're able to highlight the things most people take for granted -- commitment, marriage, the progression of a relationship from the first date to the altar -- and put a brand-new spin on them. And you're not spinning them just for the sake of something new and exciting, although that could be a fun byproduct; instead, you understand that just as rules were made to be broken, traditions were made to be built upon and changed. You'd never move blindly through the commonly accepted steps of a progressing relationship: dating, deepening intimacy, moving in together, a proposal, an engagement, marriage, kids (yawn)...

If you take those steps, and in that order, it will be because that's what feels right to you. You neither do things impulsively nor out of habit. Instead, you follow your instincts, while keeping in mind your respect for what's gone before. Maybe your parents or grandparents had a wonderful marriage, one that you'd like to recreate in your own life; but you're not going to go out and grab the first eligible person you see! Instead, you're going to follow your intuition and take the steps that feel right in that moment.

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