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Saturn trine South Node

Getting it right

Kelli Fox

Your plans for your future include developing a relationship that you can depend on, and you're grounded enough to make that happen in the most straightforward way. Even if you stumble a time or two, you'll learn from your mistakes and move forward with more knowledge and the resolve to get it right the next time. You've got a good foundation to build on, too; whether it's the example of your parents' or grandparents' solid bond, or that of some close friends, or even if it's a relationship from your own past that was pleasantly stable and committed -- whatever it is, you've got a great sense of where you want to go in the future based on where you've already been or something you've already experienced.

Planning and dedication are your strong points in a love affair. You won't leave much to chance, and in your case, that's a good thing. You like to know that you can rely on your lover and on the relationship when you need to, and you'll make sure that's possible by choosing a partner that's as steady and strong as you are. And you'll give back this dependability in spades; you'll never make your honey wonder whether you're truly committed to the relationship.

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