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Saturn trine Pluto

Exposing the roots

Kelli Fox
Saturn trine Pluto

Your love affairs can be quite intense, because you love to find the roots of problems in relationships and expose them to the healing light. While other people might like keeping their skeletons comfortably in the closet (or uncomfortably, as the case may be), you don't want to live under the weight of old wounds. And you don't want to watch your loved ones do it, either.

If you get involved with someone who's made a lifestyle out of avoiding some painful issue from their past, you'll be on top of the problem as soon as the relationship starts to deepen -- and maybe even before that happens. Be forewarned: Lots of people won't like this. They sweep their problems under the rug for a reason. So don't be surprised if you scare off a lover by digging a little too persistently at the source of their issues -- their relationship with their parents, their experience growing up in an emotionally cold household, their feelings about losing their grandmother at an early age, or any other old wounds you might unearth. Tread lightly with other people! Help them along their path, but gently. Turn that healing intensity inward, and you'll make huge strides in your own enlightenment.

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