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Saturn trine North Node

A traditional approach to love

Kelli Fox

What works for you in love is the same as what works in the rest of your life: a conservative, traditional approach. You like to let others know they can count on you, and that goes for your sweetie as well as for your colleagues and everyone else that's important in your life. In love affairs, you take on something of the leadership role: You're the mature one, the one who leads the way in working carefully and precisely through problems that come up, making sure the issues are dealt with in hopes that they won't come up again.

You're sensitive to your lover's needs and feelings, and you like to help them to feel more stable and secure. This is not to say that you're attracted to lovers who are like wounded birds, or that you have a savior fantasy; you're far too practical for that. You only stay in relationships with people who are as able to help themselves as they are to accept help from you. But you're realistic about human nature, and you understand that people have flaws. You also know that you've got a more level head than most, and you can put it toward your goal of creating a loving, lasting, healthy bond with someone special.

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