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Saturn trine Neptune

Balancing compassion with realism

Kelli Fox

You bring to your partners a strong, compassionate shoulder to lean on. You have a healthy balance between fantasy and reality, sympathy and self-sufficiency, and that's a real benefit to your relationships. You'll offer your sweetheart both commiseration and advice when times get rough, and you're able to hold a romantic ideal in mind and work hard toward achieving it, while not going overboard -- such as thinking that perfection is actually attainable in love, or that it would even be preferable to the wonderful ups and downs that reality brings.

Similarly, you won't be taken in by someone feeding you a line; you can sniff out insincerity a mile away. But when it's the real deal -- when you've found the person you've been looking for all this time, and you've worked hard to create the kind of love you can be proud of -- then you'll let yourself indulge in all the gooey sweetness of romance! It's good to work toward achieving an ideal, as long as you realize that it won't be attainable except in moments; and you do. You recognize the need for hard work and commitment in love, and you'll find a partner who's worth your time and efforts.

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