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Saturn trine Juno

The pleasure of a dependable bond

Kelli Fox

For you, must-have qualities in a long-term lover include a sense of duty, discipline and respect for the bond between you. After all, these are gifts you'll bring to a committed relationship, and they're no less than you deserve in return. Some people, of course, are better than others at honoring their commitments, but the good thing about you in a long-term affair is that your expectations aren't unreasonable.

Sure, you set a high standard -- one that you live up to, at least most of the time. And you wouldn't be attracted to someone who broke your trust repeatedly, or otherwise demonstrated that they weren't as into the relationship as you were. You're practical about love; if it's not going to work out, you know it, and you're willing to call a spade a spade. After all, why stay in something that's going nowhere? It's a waste of time and energy, and a good way to break your own heart. Instead, you'll get back out there and seek the lover you crave -- the one who's as interested as you are in creating a safe haven of the relationship; in increasing the sense of trust and stability between you, so that you can both delight in the pleasures of a dependable bond.

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