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Saturn square Uranus

Upsetting that apple cart

Kelli Fox

Your love affairs go in fits and starts, because you're waging an internal battle between respecting the status quo and following the inner urge to upset the apple cart -- just for the sake of, well, upsetting the apple cart! You tend to lack long-lasting discipline in your relationships. You might go along for a while, toeing the line -- and then, all of a sudden, you'll do something to disturb the stability of the affair, because as much as you want a solid love that you can depend on, you also crave freedom.

You might start a silly, unnecessary fight, knowing that it will lead to a breakup, or you might suddenly freeze your lover out with disinterest. You might even get involved with someone new, simply to break free of the chafing bonds of commitment. As a result, you may have a series of affairs behind you that ended badly, and no real sense of how to change this pattern in the future. This is, however, something that you can control. You must recognize this urge for freedom, and force yourself to make measured moves, not impulsive ones -- no matter how much you want to shove that apple cart until it falls on its side, apples tumbling everywhere!

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