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Saturn square South Node

Once bitten, twice shy

Kelli Fox

Maybe you watched your parents go through a bad relationship, one that lacked love or kindness and featured control and even misery instead. Maybe you've been through your own dissatisfying love affairs, ones that made you think twice about whether you ever want to go through that again. Once bitten, twice shy, right?

And if you've been bitten more than once, that just compounds the effect. But you can't be an emotional hermit all your life. People were made to interact -- to love each other, to fight, to help and hinder and everything in between. If you stay out of the fray of life out of fear that things will go bad, you'll miss out on the most profound experience of being human -- that is, love and relationship. The only way to find that enduring love that you dream about is to get out there and go for it, throwing your fears and your caution to the wind. You're strong enough to withstand the fallout; you just don't know it yet. If an opportunity at something really special with someone wonderful comes up, you want to be ready for it. Hard work is ahead of you, but you can do it! Trust in yourself, and great things -- and people -- will come your way.

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