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Saturn square Pluto

Tempering your emotions

Kelli Fox

No doubt you've got a relationship history full of intense, powerful, even explosive partnerships. The phrase 'casual relationship' is an oxymoron to you -- at least, you've never had one! When you identify someone who seems like a good potential romantic partner -- and you may definitely be responding to deep unconscious emotional patterns here -- you fixate on them obsessively.

You think of them day and night, even if you never act on the feelings you have for them, which is a distinct possibility. You may be too engrossed in building your career or required by circumstance to attend to important responsibilities in your life, all of which severely limits the amount of time and energy you have to devote toward your relationships, particularly since they don't come easily for you. When you do find yourself partnered, there are constant struggles for power and control, all laced with your suspicion. You torture yourself with dark thoughts, none of which are true, and yet you sense that the arena of relationships is where you are destined to temper these raw emotions and transform them into the deep passion and devotion of which you're capable.

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