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Saturn square North Node

Facing down your issues

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time committing to relationships, because although you want to find a love that you can be sure of, you just can't seem to be sure of much of anything! You have a hard time determining the right direction to go in. Should you choose this career path or that one?

Should you commit to this lover, or break up with them and find someone who's better for you in the long run? And what is good for you in the long run? You might be attracted to serious types because you think they're steady and dependable, but all too often, those qualities go hand in hand with emotional distance -- the last thing you need, even if it's what you're most comfortable with. Part of the problem here is your security issues, which have resulted from your upbringing or past relationships. Maybe you were involved with someone who never let you completely trust in the bond between you, or maybe your parents didn't provide enough stability at home. Whatever it was, it wreaked havoc with your sense of emotional stability and your trust in relationships. But there's no time like the present to begin facing these issues and resolving them, for a better future.

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