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Saturn square Juno

You can take care of yourself

Kelli Fox

Under the influence of this aspect, your love life could go one of two ways. First, you might get married or deeply committed early, out of some deep-rooted sense that you'd better cling to the one you've got, because you'll never find someone else who can provide for you like this person can! But that anxiety is an illusion, one that's based on your fundamental fear that you can't provide for yourself -- that you need someone else to do it for you.

If you follow this track, the relationship will crumble slowly from the inside out, even if you valiantly try to pretend things are fine. The second possibility is that, instead of marrying or committing early, you'll keep coming close -- but circumstances will keep getting in the way of attaining your dream of a good, solid relationship that you can depend on. Lots of times, the truth will come out that your lover just isn't as committed or interested as you are, or that they're just not the right person for you. Your best bet is to recognize that staying in an unsatisfying relationship is worse, not better, than being alone. You can take care of yourself. Once you realize that, you'll have more time and confidence to find someone you really click with.

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