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Saturn sextile Uranus

On your own terms

Kelli Fox

You have a healthy respect for tradition -- for example, the traditional institution of marriage, or commitment within a relationship -- but you won't be blindly held back by it. You've got a wonderful balance between self-discipline and brilliant, progressive thought, and in love affairs, this is a real gift. You're not one to rock the boat just for the sake of rocking it, but you bring a real sense of freshness and uniqueness to your interactions with a lover.

You wouldn't get married just to please your parents, or make a commitment just because you thought that was supposed to be the next step in your relationship. Instead, you try to make your relationships unique. You interact with your sweetie in whatever way feels right and natural, not in some way that you think you should. And while you're not necessarily a restless type, you'll leave a relationship when it's clear to you that it isn't working. On the other hand, you've got the discipline needed to give a love affair a real go: You'll willingly put in your time and energy if you think it's worth it -- if it seems like the relationship's going someplace wonderful and you're getting something out of it that you love.

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