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Saturn sextile South Node

Being the rock

Kelli Fox

In relationships, you like to be the rock -- the one your lover leans on for firm support and strength in times of need. You won't stay for long in a relationship with someone who needs too much help and support, but you're perfectly willing to give it to someone whom you trust can stand on their own two feet, like you do. You're dependable in love; you're not one to be devious or manipulative in your attachments.

Instead, you like things to be straightforward, on the up-and-up. And this approach works well for you. Your love life might not be full of flash and excitement, but it provides something that's a lot more important to you: stability. When you're involved in an intimate relationship, you like knowing that you're part of a smoothly working team, one that can handle any problem that comes your way. You like giving out help and advice to your sweetie, and you even like leaning on them from time to time. You like the sense of quiet rhythm that a day-to-day relationship lends to your life. It may take awhile to find the lover you're going to stay with forever, but once you do, that bond will be as stronger than cement.

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