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Saturn sextile North Node

Planning a dependable future

Kelli Fox

You've got a lot of self-control when it comes to planning your future and then carrying out your plans in a logical, effective, step-by-step way. For this reason, your career and your personal life should both move forward nicely, developing over time in just the way you've always imagined that they would. Of course, life will throw a few curve balls along the way, just to keep things interesting, but in general, things should go the way you want them to.

Your love life will probably progress slowly; you're not one to jump into one short-term, unstable, wild ride after another. Even if you do try out some flings along the way, ultimately, you're more interested in longevity. If you pursue a career for which a stable relationship would be a boon -- for example, a career that highlights your private life and your public image, such as politics or law -- you'll pursue that as carefully as you'd pursue a promotion. It's not that you're calculated about relationships, either; it's just that you understand the importance of stability to your future, and that includes your love life. You'll be most attracted to people who share your belief and interest in a dependable, solid bond.

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