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Saturn sextile Neptune

Striving for the ideal

Kelli Fox

The dreamer within you fantasizes about the perfect love -- that wonderful, amazing experience that will sweep you off your feet and change your life forever; that special soul who will make you smell roses and hear sweet music every time they're nearby. The realist in you brings that dreamer back down to earth, grounding your fantasies and reminding you that real-life relationships take work, commitment and discipline, and that they're only perfect in fleeting moments. What a nice, healthy balance!

You can indulge your fantasies even while keeping your feet firmly on the ground in your search for love. And when you find it, you'll work to bring the relationship as close as you can to that romantic ideal that you dreamed up long ago. But best of all, you won't feel overly disappointed when reality intrudes -- when things aren't going well between you and your sweetie, or even when a relationship ends. This kind of balance can free you from both disillusionment and cynicism. Whatever happens in your love affairs, you'll know that your job is just to keep on trying -- to keep holding your fantasy of perfect love as an ideal to strive toward in your real life.

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