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Saturn sextile Juno

Turned on by discipline

Kelli Fox

If you asked your friends what turns them on in a lover, they might list the usual qualities: a hot body, know-how in the bedroom and so on, yada, yada, yada. If they asked you the same question, you might have a different answer. It's not that you aren't turned on by those same outward characteristics; you're as physical and sexual as the next person!

But for you, real love and attraction go way deeper than surface-level. A lover who helps you make progress toward your goals in life -- now, that's someone who could really turn you on. Someone who will help you build a stable home that's a safe haven for the two of you to retreat to -- now, there's someone who can really rev your engine! You're attracted to the deeper qualities of duty, responsibility and discipline in a lover. Someone who kept you guessing about their commitment to the relationship wouldn't hold your interest for long; it's just too hard to have to wonder all the time whether they're as deeply involved as you are! You don't want to have to guess; when your honey holds you, you want to feel their connection and their devotion. And you'll return the same gifts back in spades.

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