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Saturn opposite Uranus

Independence within an intimate union

Kelli Fox

There's a tension inside you between the opposing forces of commitment and freedom, the past and the future, the status quo and the new order -- and you visit this tension on other people in all your relationships, not the least of which are your love affairs. You can never seem to figure out which impulse to follow: Should you respect tradition, make a commitment, move things along toward marriage, or should you break free, potentially disrupting the relationship in a big way but serving your very real urge for independence and newness? There's no easy answer to this conundrum, that's for sure.

You might create instability in your relationships by trying to service both urges at once. Since they're so diametrically opposed, this doesn't work out well for anyone, least of all you. But going firmly in the direction of one or the other won't work, either. What you need is to find the balance, and it won't be easy. But once you can find the place where tradition and progressiveness meet, you'll find peace in love -- and you'll find a relationship that allows you to feel free within stability, and independent within an intimate union.

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