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Saturn opposite South Node

Love in the slow lane

Kelli Fox

For you, relaxing with a brand-new lover is an oxymoron -- a virtual impossibility. You find it hard to let loose and have a good time when you're out on a first date, or even or a second or third one; there are too many things to worry about! Do you have food particles stuck your teeth?

Do they think you're attractive? Are you being funny, witty, flirty enough? With all these worries swirling around in your head, you tend to be more preoccupied with them than with just having a good time, and it will take a special, mature lover to realize and understand this about you. You might be attracted to people who are older than you, or who are mature and serious-minded, because you understand them better than someone who's just looking for a good time or a wild ride. You feel more relaxed with people who are somewhat reserved, like you are -- who won't push you to bare your soul on the first date, or make you feel like you need to entertain them with how sharp and fun-loving and risk-taking you are. Your romantic relationships will develop slowly, and will deepen over time -- and that's just fine, as long as you don't allow your anxieties to hold you back from a good thing.

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