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Saturn opposite Pluto

Dark treasure

Kelli Fox

If your past love affairs have been intense, it's because you made sure they were. When you see something, or someone, you want, you'll pursue them aggressively, pulling out all the stops and using any tricks necessary to make it happen. Unconsciously, you want to control the relationship -- make it move along tracks that you understand -- which may mean you're repeating the same patterns again and again in love affairs.

And it's when your relationships deepen that the real trouble starts. You have a hard time getting over wounds inflicted by a lover; when they hurt your feelings, you hold on to the pain, guarding it like dark treasure. When you feel it's necessary, you turn the sting around on them to get them back. Forgive and forget? Oh, no, not you -- you've been hurt before, and you won't let it happen again! And that's just the problem. Something in your deep past, maybe in your bond with your parents, really hurt you. But instead of letting that old wound heal, you're using it against your current lovers. This aspect can be a very troublesome one to live with, but it can also force you to stand up and face your issues once and for all.

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