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Saturn opposite North Node

Sacrificing love at the altar of your work

Kelli Fox

You may go far in your career, carving out a place of distinction for yourself through true grit, hard work and dedication. But at what cost? If your career is truly the most important thing to you, then you'll look back over your life with satisfaction, knowing that you gave it your all, even when it meant cutting out all else -- because relationships, just for starters, serve as a distraction to your career goals, and you're loathe to let that happen.

But it's a lot less likely that you're so devoted to your work than it is that you're afraid to pursue more personal goals, like inviting love into your life. As a result, you miss one opportunity at love after another; and while you're making a success of your professional life, your personal life is just withering away into nothing. Why do you feel that you have to sacrifice one at the altar of the other? Why can't they coexist peacefully, each with its own deserved recognition and importance? One answer is that something from your past has made you too afraid to pursue love in the present. Uncover what that painful past experience is, and you'll be on the road toward recovery -- and a more balanced, warm existence.

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