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Saturn opposite Neptune

Finding the middle ground

Kelli Fox

You've had your share of trouble in love, because you always seem to fall for pretty promises and empty fantasies. It's wonderful to be a romantic, but creating security and happiness in your love affairs will mean balancing out your romantic ideals with a dose of realism -- and not pessimism that masquerades as realism, either. You tend to swing between idealism and pessimism, including disillusionment, suspicion, fear of abandonment and a whole host of other not-fun feelings that aren't fun or stable for you or your partner.

The good news is, there's a middle ground between being glowingly in love, believing you're headed into the sunset with your soul mate, and being utterly disillusioned by love, unable to believe a word that comes out of your sweetie's mouth. The bad news is, where that middle ground lies is for you to figure out on your own, and not without some trouble. It will mean trying to hold on to those fantasies and ideals while still keeping at least one foot firmly on the ground, and it will mean accepting some flaws and shortcomings in your lover -- not an easy thing to do when you have such high ideals.

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