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Saturn in Virgo

A logical approach to problem-solving

Kelli Fox

Your methodical approach to problem-solving can be a real boon to your love life, as long as you don't let yourself get so steeped in logic that you ignore the validity of emotions. After all, not every issue that comes up in your love life will have an efficient, logical solution. Some things simply need a heartfelt response, and that could be difficult for you to discern.

But in general, in a love affair, you're incredibly loyal and committed. You're also practical: You know that treating your lover well and respecting them and the relationship just makes sense, as it avoids messy, unnecessary problems. You're a good listener with your sweetie, and you expect the same in return from them -- which you probably won't always get. You tend to want and expect more perfection in your relationship than is really possible, which can mean that you're too hard on both your lover and yourself. It's just that you have high ideals when it comes to love, in terms of the ways that people in love should treat each other -- and you're not wrong in your ideas. It just might not be possible, for either of you, to be that restrained, dedicated, well-mannered lover every minute of the day.

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