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Saturn in Taurus

Commitment is your middle name

Kelli Fox

When it comes to love, you're either serious about it or you're not in the game. Casual affairs don't come naturally to you; you're much more about steady affection and quiet, rock-solid commitment. In relationships, you serve as that rock -- you provide support for your sweetie, sometimes financial, other times just emotional.

You really want them to know that you're there for them no matter what happens. And that's both your strength in love and your occasional downfall, because your natural urge to commit, to stick grimly with it through thick and thin, can mean that you stay in a relationship long past when you should have just cut and run. Furthermore, while you're so steady and committed in your heart, you often forget to reassure your sweetie of that fact, or to back it up with simple affection. For you, love is a serious matter, not a playful one -- and because of this, you could inadvertently starve your honey of the adoration that they crave. You also open yourself up to heartbreak by being so serious about things. Not everyone has the steadfastness that you do, so choose carefully when you're seeking a long-term lover.

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