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Saturn in Scorpio

A suspicious nature

Kelli Fox

You have deep and intense desires in relationships, many of them sexual in nature, even more of them strongly emotionally based -- but you also tend to have trust issues that can get in the way of a natural, flowing bond with your sweetie. It's not even that you keep getting involved with untrustworthy types -- although, if you do, it's because you're subconsciously seeking out this kind of lover to uphold your own fears and suspicions. But even if you're with someone perfectly aboveboard in their affections and their intentions, you have trouble believing in the connection you share.

You might continually do things to test your bond, such as picking fights just to see how they'll react, or accusing them of things that deep down, you know they're not guilty of. Basically, you make your honey prove their love again and again. This can get tiring for them; why do they have to constantly reiterate their love and devotion to you? Well, because you're afraid of being betrayed or taken advantage of -- and part of you is afraid of true intimacy itself. When you find a lover who can withstand these tests, you'll end up trusting them in a way that can't be broken.

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