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Saturn in Sagittarius

Interested and yet afraid

Kelli Fox

With this placement, your mind craves new influences and expansive ideas, but you can also feel uncomfortable, even afraid, when you're confronted with ideas that are too different from your own convictions. In relationships, this can get in the way of positive, natural, satisfying communication with your sweetie. You're rather opinionated, after all, and you're not afraid to speak your mind.

But if your honey is every bit as outspoken as you are, you can feel offended by their views, as if they've purposely affronted you just by saying what they think. At the very same time, you're attracted to these philosophical differences between you, and a big part of you would like to explore them; you just find it hard to venture out of territory you're not familiar with. This dichotomy within you might come out in the form of falling in love with someone from a completely different background or culture than your own, but then wrestling constantly with the differences in your beliefs. At base, however, you tend to be a bit too rigid in your views of the world and of relationships, and you'd do well to opening up a bit to your lover's way of seeing things.

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