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Saturn in Pisces

Come back to earth

Kelli Fox

In a love affair, problems with your sweetheart can seem huge. You're easily overwhelmed by the normal, day-to-day difficulties of getting along with another person, and you definitely need a lover who can ground you in the present. Part of the problem is that these insecurities aren't on the surface; they're rooted deep within you, and they're rather amorphous.

You may not even know where they originate, or why! All you know is that you're easily overwhelmed by some nameless, faceless fear that sets in whenever things get a little rough in your relationship -- and all of a sudden, whatever coping strategies you may have developed are gone. You feel as if you just can't deal with problems, and that may be true; being emotionally overwhelmed can create chaos and confusion in your perceptions, to the point that you're really not sure what's going on, or why, or how to get it to stop. All the more reason, then, to find a lover who can have a grounding influence on you. You tend to float out somewhere in the stratosphere of your imagination; a grounded lover can bring you back down to earth, and help you to see that reality is a lot less scary than your fears.

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