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Saturn in Libra

Working harmoniously

Kelli Fox

Love and commitment are important to you in romance, and cooperation is a central theme of your life and your relationships -- whether that's in a good way or a not-so-good way. Ideally, you'll work hard to keep the peace with your sweetie. Working side-by-side on projects at the office or at home as a harmonious team would be your ideal setup in love, because partnership and dedication are so central to your happiness in a relationship.

You love it when you're involved with someone who can understand you well enough to help you bounce ideas around and find direction in your pursuits. But it's possible that you keep getting involved with people who don't understand you well, or at least, you feel like they don't. It may be more accurate to say that you find it hard to cooperate, which brings us to the not-so-good possibilities for this placement. Compromise and patience are skills to be learned and implemented in any relationship, not just romantic ones, and while you're naturally quite tactful, you can have trouble with loosening up. You tend to be a bit competitive, and with your sweetie, you just don't need to be.

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