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Saturn in Leo

Serious about romance

Kelli Fox

When you're involved in a long-term, romantic affair, you take your duties seriously. You offer your lover loyalty, respect and a healthy dose of romance, and you demand the same in return. You're very happy in a committed love affair as long as you're getting the admiration and appreciation that you want -- but when your lover isn't forthcoming with plenty of props and affection, you can grow quite grumpy.

Don't they know what you're putting into the relationship? Don't they realize the lengths that you go to in order to honor your relationship and put it up on a pedestal? They may know, and they may not -- but it also may be true that you're setting a bit too high of a standard. Not everyone has the energy that you do when it comes to romance. Not everyone needs the same reassurances that you do, either, so it's possible that you're putting everything into a relationship when really, that much effort is unnecessary. Seek a lover who understands you, who can read your signals and respond when you're starting to feel underappreciated. A lover who indulges you in this way will help to maintain the balance of your warm and vital bond.

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